Castaway Celebrity Castings

» Unique hand casts created bespoke to individual requirements

» Original copies created from each casting for multiple presentation options

» Media marketing opportunities for celebrity presentations and unveilings

» Original gift creations for celebratory special occasions

Stage 1

Discuss Requirements

Stage 2

Arrange Location Casting

Stage 3

Production of Casts

Stage 4

Casts Delivery & Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

"An excellent job, the project was well organised every step of the way to arrange and produce the eye-catching celebrity plaques located around our new Square of Fame at Wembley."

– Nick Shattock, Deputy Chief Executive, Quintain Estates and Development

"The Castaway team were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with to produce the amazing hand plaques of Take That and The Killers."

- Roger Maslin, Managing Director, Wembley National Stadium


"To illustrate the connection between the artists and Montserrat and to commemorate the funds raised by the artists for the island, I wanted something that felt very personal in the new Cultural Centre. The hand casts did that perfectly and are a lasting symbol of our shared musical history."

– Sir George Martin, ‘Music for Montserrat’

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